Global Aviation Services Inc. recently visited the Tampa Bay campus to offer part-time aviation job opportunities at the Tampa International Airport. Additionally, NAA students were invited to their weekend job fair to explore other available jobs.

Global Aviation Services Inc. is a ground handling service company that provides airport, aircraft, and excellent customer service. If you are a current student in aviation maintenance training or lacking your A&P certifications, this is a perfect opportunity to break into the industry and get your feet wet!

There is an immediate need for Airport Ramp Ground Handling services, and duties include:

  • Manpower & Technical Support
  • Loading and offloading aircraft
  • Baggage make-up staffing
  • Baggage and cargo delivery
  • Aircraft marshaling and guidance
  • Provisioning and operation of ground support equipment (GSE)
  • Aircraft pushback and towing services

Other positions include:

  • Aircraft Detailing
  • Pax Services
  • Labor Resources
  • Mobility Assistance

See NAA’s Student Services Facebook page for up-to-date information on available student job opportunities! Contact Student Services directly if you have questions.

Other Ways to Gain Experience for Your Resume!

You don’t necessarily need work experience for your resume to stand out. There are several things you can do as a current student to get aviation experience and set yourself apart. Aside from keeping your missed time low, gaining certifications as you progress through the program, and having sufficient tool knowledge, consider one of the below strategies.

Join a Student Organization 

Our student clubs are an excellent way to find a community of like-minded, career-focused individuals who can offer encouragement and support throughout your training. Additionally, many of the clubs listed below provide opportunities to serve your community and get extra hands-on aviation experience!

New England Student Clubs

  • Airframe Club
  • Drone Club
  • Alpha Eta Rho Nu Epsilon Aviation Fraternity
  • Student Council
  • Veterans Forum
  • Women of NAA

Tampa Bay Student Clubs

  • Airframe Club
  • Alpha Eta Rho Tau Beta Chi Aviation Fraternity
  • Student Council
  • Women of NAA

Support a Cause 

You can be taught almost anything, but character is much harder to come by. Character requires personal initiative and action! A great way to develop your character is to lend yourself to a cause that helps your community. You can make a difference by collecting donations and raising money for families in need, organizing a canned food drive for your local food pantry, or even putting those skills to good use by building homes for Habitat for Humanity!

Work On a Hands-Project 

Check with any one of your instructors, Assistant Directors, or the Hangar Manager and let them know you are interested in doing extra hands-on work. Use those airframe  and powerplant skills, build on your training with an additional project, or refurbish older aviation equipment. If you see an opportunity to do so, create a training tool for a specific subject area!

Get Involved Today!

Even though the demand for aircraft mechanics remains strong, you will need to present the same qualities in yourself to attract the ultimate career opportunities that align with who you are.

Whether you take advantage of the part-time aviation job opportunities or the other suggested experiences listed above, take action to be a competitive candidate! Taking the initiative and interest shows your level of investment in yourself, your future, and the potential companies you might work for. Learn more about how to make the most of your student experience. Be sure to contact Student Services or request more information below if you are interested in extracurricular activities!