Aviation Training Tool Project

 From aviation beginners to Veteran aircraft mechanics, training tools and instruments are essential in learning aviation material. After all, what better way to train than to use actual hands-on tools?

When Chris Burchell – Term 5 Airframe Instructor at National Aviation Academy in Clearwater, Florida – stumbled upon an old aviation training tool from the early 1900s, he knew he had a special project on his hands.

The training tool showcases the three axes of flight: pitch (lateral), yaw (vertical), and roll (longitudinal). However, the instrument had many problems, including a broken stabilizer on one of the aluminum model aircraft showcasing the longitudinal axis.

The Chicago Apparatus Company

Little is known about the tool, other than that it was created by the Chicago Apparatus Company, which opened in 1918 and closed in 1946. The Chicago Apparatus Company mostly created and sold physics instruments and scales. Additionally, many of their trade catalogs and other training tools are part of the National Museum of American History!

Mr. Burchell enlisted the help of two of his students, Cole Coyne and Cody Horn, to refurbish and repair the decades-old training instrument. To start, the two students worked together to rebuild the stabilizers on the longitudinal model aircraft and create new propellers that were missing or broken. Then, they restored the paint and brass lettering on the entire instrument.

IMG 4995

Aviation training tool refurbished by students Cole Coyne and Cody Horn.

History, Refurbished

Thanks to Cole and Cody, the aviation training instrument created by the Chicago Apparatus Company has been restored to its former glory! This piece of history can now be properly preserved and showcased in the halls of National Aviation Academy.