Our mission is to educate aviation students in a learning environment conducive to excellence in meeting the needs and challenges of the aviation global marketplace. We will do this while providing a quality and innovative learning experience that upholds ethical standards and respect for one another. As a constantly evolving institution, National Aviation Academy (NAA) will continuously strive to ensure improvements in the quality of its team members, facilities and other resources. We will continue to develop effective lines of communication and build relationships to enhance the visibility of NAA with various local, state, national and international constituents. We will cultivate opportunities for team members and students to participate in community and professional activities that will enhance our qualities of life.


Our goal is to continue to enhance the impeccable reputation of NAA and to maintain our position of National and International prominence. We will provide an educational environment that encourages the highest standards of scholarship and training. We will attract highly qualified students and train them to be responsible, effective aircraft maintenance technicians who will meet the needs of the nation and world for safe, reliable air transportation.


National Aviation Academy is a community of educators and students dedicated to personal and professional excellence. As a voluntary member of this community, I pledge to live by the following standards of conduct and values:

  • I will show respect for the dignity of all people at all times.
  • I will conduct myself with civility toward all.
  • I will practice honesty and personal integrity always.
  • I will refrain from participating in any illegal activities.
  • I will demonstrate good stewardship of the resources available to me.
  • I will conduct myself to bring honor to my family, NAA and myself.
  • I will encourage others to maintain these standards.
  • I will do the right thing, always.