Training is an Investment

Training is an investment in yourself and your future. Like any kind of investment, if done correctly, you can reap major dividends. As a student, you can start building your professional network, and leave a legacy, before you begin a fantastic life-long career that meets your needs.

Most everyone needs guidance and support to navigate the complicated role of being a student, often having other responsibilities and obligations. Being able to balance and pivot in your personal life and training is vital to your experience. It requires you to think forward, define clear goals, and be diligent yet flexible with your plan.

Curious how to make the most of your student experience at National Aviation Academy (NAA)? Let’s go over our services and growth opportunities you can take advantage of to ensure a quality experience that continues to serve you long after you’ve graduated!

Start with a Solid Foundation

NAA’s Student Services Department assists with (but not limited to) relocation, transportation, housing, childcare, finding employment while in school, and other solutions to meet everyday student needs. Issues like not having gas money or other personal challenges should not be a barrier to furthering yourself and your career! Should you need support, Student Services will discreetly offer available resources.

Furthermore, Student Services distributes uniforms, books, and materials for training at no extra cost. Just show up on day one and let the training begin!

Keep Your Priorities in Check

You’ve got goals. One of which is to complete training as quickly as possible to begin your career as a Certified Aircraft Mechanic. At NAA, our program structure makes this possible in as little as 14 months! However, attendance issues, struggling to understand the material, and missing important deadlines, can all delay the program’s completion and the start of new beginnings. For challenges like these, we offer multiple resources and services to ensure students have the support they need to overcome obstacles and have successful outcomes!

Additionally, keep in mind that your community at NAA will be some of your first connections to the aviation industry. How you conduct yourself as a student is a pretty good indicator of what you will be like as an employee! You can count on hiring employers to ask you situational questions and request references to get a complete picture of your overall professional character. It is most beneficial to always strive for your best, be a positive example, take the initiative, have integrity, and show you are dependable!

The below list of best practices provides simple yet effective ways to stay on top of the game, build rapport, and ready yourself for the opportunities that await you.

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Come to class every day and be on time! It is the easiest and fastest way to complete the FAA-mandated hours. Not to mention it saves you from spending your free time in the make-up lab!

If you do have to miss class, give advance notice to your instructor or our Education Services department that you are running late or unable to attend that day. Communication in this situation shows that you respect others for their time and understand their expectations of you. In any workplace organization, consistent tardiness, absence, and lack of communication are all grounds for termination.

Make-up missed time ASAP

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandates that students complete a certain number of hours to test for their Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Ratings. Therefore, missed time not only delays the process to obtain your licenses but could significantly limit your job options until you get your ratings.

Missing a few hours here and there adds up quickly! The best way to manage missed time is to make it up diligently and only miss the time when necessary.

Students must visit the Education Services Department to schedule an appointment to make up time! You can also speak with your Assistant Director of Education if you have any questions or concerns regarding your hours.

Get to know your Instructors

They are some of your first connections to the industry and can be instrumental to your success beyond NAA! Before serving you, they gained years and a range of experience in aviation. Many of them have even owned maintenance operations. Build these relationships with respect by actively listening and participating in class, doing the work that is asked of you, and following the classroom standards and guidelines.

Take advantage of our Tutoring Services

Whether you missed time on a subject, need extra help understanding the material, and preparing for a test, NAA provides several support lines to ensure your training success.

First, reach out to the instructor who teaches the specific subject you need assistance with, whether your primary instructor or an instructor is from another term. You typically have to schedule a time before or after class, and the time you spend receiving help is documented for your benefit! This record proves that you received support and took the initiative to improve your understanding and performance in the class.

Another option to attend hands-on practice and review sessions! Reviews take place every Monday 3-4 PM and cover students’ most commonly requested topics like:

  • Corrosion Control
  • Fluid Lines & Fittings
  • Physics
  • Materials & Processes
  • Drawings
  • Electrical
  • Weight & Balance


Be prepared to meet the Industry!

Career Services is here to prepare you to meet the hiring Industry, explore your career options, and help place you in a position that fits you and your goals! Be sure to take advantage of the learning opportunities and services they offer:

  • Employee webinars and info sessions
  • Resume writing, letters, applications, and other documents
  • Interview practice and preparation
  • Scheduling and conducting interviews
  • Assistance throughout the hiring process

Additionally, Career Services will be in touch with you throughout your training, especially as you approach graduation. Set reminders for deadlines, regularly check your emails, and have all documents and details squared away before important meetings or events!

Aim for Greatness

Greatness comes from the desire to be exceptional. To achieve this, one must aim higher than the mark, relentlessly work on their goals, roll with the punches, and keep going no matter the opposition.

To go through the rigorous training and hours to complete our programs and earn your A&P Certifications is an incredible achievement in and of itself! However, for students who accomplish far beyond the program expectations, NAA gives recognition in the ways listed below.

National Aviation Academy Cords

National Aviation Academy Cords

Director’s awards

The Director’s Awards are assigned to students who have maintained a high GPA and have outstanding attendance for a subject block. A subject block is the coursework and hours in the following sections of study: General, Airframe, Powerplant, and Advanced Aircraft Systems. To be eligible, students must have:

  • No more than 10 hours missed for each program
  • A 96% GPA or higher in General, Powerplant, or Airframe
  • No more than 15 hours absent for AAS with a 96% or higher GPA

Top Team for Powerplant and Top Team for Airframe

Team awards are determined by the GPA average of each member in the designated subject matter.

Top Tech Awards

Students selected for this award are nominated by instructors and voted on by other students! Eligibility Includes a combination of attendance, GPA, certifications earned, and good rapport. Only one candidate is selected to be the Top Tech in each class! 

Class Valedictorian

The student with the highest GPA in the Aviation Maintenance Technology course receives this honor! The results are not determined until the program’s end and are announced at graduation. Students must work diligently throughout the program and consistently earn excellent grades to achieve this award.

 Awards and accolades are an excellent way to stand out to hiring employers. It shows that you are a seriously driven candidate and are passionate about what you do! Employees with these qualities have so much to offer the industry and are highly sought after.


Join a Club and Get Experience!

Besides providing a foundation for your training experience, Student Services houses all NAA’s extra-curricular activities! Our Clubs and Organizations are continuously growing to meet student interests. Our goal is to ensure students are supported and nurtured to become world-class aviation maintenance professionals. See Student Services to join a community!

NAA Clubs And Organizations

Airframe Club

Offers additional hands-on opportunities to work on various aircraft projects at NAA’s training facilities. *Available at both campus locations.

Drone Club

Meets monthly off-campus for both new and experienced drone enthusiasts to discuss this rapidly evolving industry; and tips and tricks for flying drones in a safe, responsible environment supervised by certified FAA Remote Pilots. *Available at NAA’s New England campus.

Alpha Eta Rho International Fraternity

Promotes a passion for aviation and professionalism among students! Membership gives students access to over 60,000 additional global contacts to other active aviation professionals. *Available at both campus locations.

Women of NAA

The success of women and girls is essential to the future of aviation! This club was founded to encourage, uplift, and connect the women of NAA. *Available at both campus locations.

Student Council

Provides professional leadership growth and opportunities for students to shape the culture of NAA. Student council services as the communication between the student body and the executive staff.  Student Council also organizes and hosts events throughout the year to support students and promote school pride. *Available at both campus locations.

Veterans Forum

Allows fellow NAA student veterans and staff to connect, discuss and share stories, get to know each other, and support one another during their aviation journeys. *Available at NAA’s New England campus.

Wing Assisted Study Program

Is peer-led tutoring by students for students! Attending study sessions is a great way to prepare for upcoming tests and learn from your peers. *Available at NAA’s New England campus only.


Become a Member of Our Community!

Those who come to NAA are seeking quality opportunities. As you can see, everything we do centers around your experience, personal and professional growth! The incredible careers and benefits of being an A&P Mechanic alone are enough reason to earn your Federal Licenses. We will help you do that and much more.

Apply Now to join our community as soon as possible. Schedule your virtual info session to speak directly to a representative or request more information below to start getting answers.