Transitioning Military and Veterans 

Veterans make up a large portion of the student population, with 38% in Tampa Bay and 22% in New England having served in the military! Additionally, many of the NAA instructors and staff are also Veterans. They know all about the structure and dedication that is necessary for Veterans and transitioning military to truly flourish within our aviation maintenance programs and are available to be resources for those who have previously served.  

For those transitioning or retiring from the military, it may be difficult to find a fulfilling career. At National Aviation Academy (NAA), we are proud to continue the training of those who have served in the armed forces with our aviation maintenance technician programs.

Even if you’ve never touched an airplane, we build foundational knowledge from the ground up for you to be successful when entering the industry!

Financial Aid Specific to Veterans

Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. NAA is a Title IV school that accepts federal financial aid including GI Bill® education benefits.

For more information on eligibility and more, please fill out the form below!

Shared Experience

Earning your airframe and powerplant (A&P) certifications from National Aviation Academy will allow you to use your military skills and experience in a rewarding career in aviation maintenance.

Many instructors have walked in your shoes and understand the sacrifices you have made for our country. For example, Gregory Rhoden Assistant Director of Education for the Advanced Aircraft Systems program at our campus in Clearwater, Florida! Gregory retired from the United States Army after 22 years. After, he was interested in taking care of his own aircraft, so he attended National Aviation Academy to earn his A&P licenses! Inevitably, the passion for aviation maintenance still burned, and eventually, he was asked to be an instructor at the same campus he graduated from!

Additionally, many of our staff are also Veterans! Garrett Connolly, our Student Services Manager at the New England campus, served in the United States Marine Corps and is now still active in the Marine Corps Reserve. Garrett is dedicated to assisting students with any hurdles they have as part of our Student Services department. He has also been a beacon for Veterans in New England, having created the Veterans Forum at NAA.

The shared experience that Veterans and NAA staff who are former military does not go unnoticed. Many instructors can be used as a resource for many Veterans who attend our school!

Defending the Nation to Securing the Skies

There’s a reason our campuses have such a large Veteran population. We are committed to providing a seamless transition for the military into the civilian workforce and assisting them with their new careers in aviation maintenance!

Like the military, National Aviation Academy is a melting pot of different people from all across the world with different dreams and interests. We pride ourselves in having a diverse and experienced staff who echo the same professionalism standards found in the military.

If you are a military Veteran, we’d like to thank you for your service and assist you on your journey to a fulfilling career in aviation maintenance! Please fill out the form below and we can assist you further!