Women of NAA – Tampa Bay

Following the New England campus’ footsteps, Women of NAA has been established at the Tampa Bay campus!

Hilary Vincent and Amber Teeple of the Tampa Bay campus partnered with Sarah Kiepper and Sarah Ludeman, the Women of NAA staff facilitators at the New England campus, to bring this vital initiative to Tampa Bay. With the success of the New England club, Hilary and Amber are eager to bring Women of NAA to Tampa Bay!

The interest and excitement were clear from the female student population at the Tampa Bay campus. Adopting the proposal and reworking the final details from Women of NAA – New England, Hilary, and Amber have set up the club’s first meetings!

What Women of NAA is All About

Each campus’s club will work together to provide a safe space for the women to uplift and support one another. In an industry known to be male-dominated, it is crucial to recognize the limitless opportunities for women in the aviation industry. Through Women of National Aviation Academy, students can come together to foster a positive environment to better themselves and those around them as females in the industry.

Additionally, outside mentors will speak at certain meetings, bringing their perspectives and knowledge from the industry to those in each club.

Sarah Kiepper, Director of Career Services and staff facilitator of Women of NAA – New England had this to say about the club: “The New England Women of NAA celebrate the formation of the new Tampa Bay campus Women of NAA group and offer their congratulations and support!”

The First Meeting

The first meeting of the Tampa Bay branch of Women of NAA will be held during lunch breaks on November 12, 2020, for the morning shift, and December 21, 2020, for the night shift. Both meetings will be held in the East Conference Room!

For more information, please see Amber Teeple or Hilary Vincent!