The Nu Epsilon Fraternity Chapter

Made possible by a group of National Aviation Academy (NAA) students and staff that share a passion and commitment to aviation, the institute establishes the newest chapter of Alpha Eta Rho International Fraternity (AHP) a professional collegiate fraternity, founded to bring together students pursuing careers in aviation.

All membership begins in a college or university where students will be introduced to basic chapter functions, local aviation events, and professional development opportunities. As students progress, they will become thoroughly involved in fraternity chapter operations with options to pursue large scale co-op events to increase aviation awareness and access. Students with exceptional abilities will be encouraged to run for national officer positions to further enhance the membership experience for others. Alumni members hold the key to fostering students through a successful college career and into the global workforce. Additionally, membership provides a method to stay in touch with individuals across the industry.

Establishing a new Alpha Eta Rho Chapter

A great deal of time and effort was spent adapting what was originally designed for traditional 2 and 4-year colleges to fit NAA’s unique program length and design.

Photo Sep 21 3 49 07 PM

The Initiation Ceremony for the Nu Epsilon Chapter.

The bylaws outlined in the member requirements will hold students to higher standards of academic performance and attendance among other requirements. Additionally, NAA students and alumni will have access to over 60,000 current aviation industry leaders, mentors, and 35,000 active alumni, connecting students to the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. Cultivating a fraternal bond with AHP, will enhance the student experience while at NAA and also continue to serve alumni as they continue to grow and develop their aviation careers for years to come.

Initiation Ceremony

The event was attended virtually by the National President Scott Vlasek and National Executive Director Julia Jones and led by NAA Student Services Manager and Alpha Eta Rho Faculty Advisor Garrett G. Connolly.

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Students gather for the Initiation Ceremony.

The ceremony began with a recitation of the ritual and distribution of the AHP fraternity badge, challenge coins, and certificates, making the 32 charter members official brothers and sisters of Alpha Eta Rho. Next, the chapter’s positions were installed and are held by President Jonathan Velez, Vice President Brian Martell, Treasurer Honor Mathis, and Secretary Gustavo Suero.

To begin, NAA’s AHP chapter will use meeting times to conduct study sessions for all NAA students and organize activities to promote community and camaraderie.

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