What does it really cost to attend National Aviation Academy?

The costs of an education can be broken down into two categories:

Direct Costs

  • Tuition and fees
  • Books and supplies

Indirect Costs

  • Transportation
  • Room and board
  • Miscellaneous

Direct cost include items directly related to your education, such as tuition, fees, books and materials. These charges are billed directly to a student by NAA. Keep in mind; books and materials are all inclusive to the overall price of attending NAA. This also includes tests for licensing and uniforms.

Indirect costs can vary widely based on individual lifestyle and spending habits. These expenses include: personal expenses, transportation to and from school and room and board, if necessary.

You’ll want to start with the basics, then dive into the more detailed information on what type of aid is available. Spend some time checking out the application process and discover what is right for your situation.

Many students receive financial aid package that includes more than one type of assistance. Our goal with each package is to help students and their families make up the difference between what the federal government estimates they can pay (EFC) and what it costs to attend NAA.