We understand most students need some financial assistance to pursue a new career. Some ask family and friends for help, while others utilize scholarship funds to put toward their education. However, almost all students need to borrow some money through loans. Student loans are designed to help students pay for their costs of tuition, books and supplies. Since loans are subsidized by the government, they tend to have lower interest rates, which benefits students repaying their debts.

At National Aviation Academy, we train students for a successful career in the aviation industry, but also teach them important tips and techniques for repayment of their loans. Student loan repayment is critical to your success as you journey through life. There are several options for repaying your student loans and we’ve created a guide to help navigate these choices. If a student endures a period where he or she is unable to make payments there are options to help. A student may request deferment, or in some cases there is also forbearance. It is very important to stay in contact with your loan provider and make arrangements on your payments. Any period of inactivity without special arrangements make result in default. To learn more about trouble making payments click here.

The loan repayment period typically begins six months after a student graduates from his or her school. At NAA, we require students to complete an exit interview that better prepares them for decisions with finances and their repayment options. We’ve developed some helpful tips for students to consult before beginning their loan repayment.