How Student Services Helps You to Make the Most of Your Education

Attending an aviation maintenance school is one of the most exciting, career-building experiences out there. Though rewards are worth the work, taking time for your education is a commitment and is not without hurdles. From childcare to transportation, there are plenty of roadblocks that can get in the way. At one point or another, you may need assistance.

National Aviation Academy’s Student Services department helps current students and applicants remove those roadblocks. Student Services also offers information on getting to know the area. There’s a lot to explore and do around town. Wondering where to get a driver’s license or a haircut? Looking for something new to do on the weekend? Student Services can help you discover both the practical and the fun aspects of living in your new city!

Passing exams and earning certifications is hard enough. Let Student Services assist you on your journey to becoming an aviation mechanic! 


Many students come from different parts of the nation and even different parts of the world. Finding housing can be challenging, especially if you’ve never been to the country before! The transition to campus life starts with having an affordable place to live. Student Services helps students find housing that fits their needs near campus.

Whether you’re attending the Tampa Bay campus or the New England campus, finding a place to rest and study is essential to your success!


Being able to navigate to and from class is a must for all students. Since National Aviation Academy provides hands-on training, it goes without saying that students must be present! You’ll need a reliable way to get here to make sure you complete your Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) hours become certified and graduate.

Many students carpool if they live near each other. Yet, that is not an option for everyone! Student Services is here to help with transportation needs. They can help you navigate public transportation and form carpools, among other possibilities.

Part-Time Work Opportunities

Finances can become overwhelming for all of us at some point in life! Though National Aviation Academy offers financial aid to those who qualify, sometimes a student will need to secure part-time work to make ends meet.

Luckily, Student Services can also help you find employment while in school! They build relationships with local employers, and sometimes companies ( Amazon, for example) will even host hiring events right on campus. Hiring events take place througout the year and employers vary by campus. Student Services also has a dedicated private Facebook group where job leads are posted throughout the week. Please see Student Services for more info, or follow the link to request to join!

On-Campus Activities and Events

Our campuses frequently host on-campus activities and events! Student Services will arrange these events ahead of time to generate buzz within the student population!

Resource Events are often held at each campus. Vendors range from banks for financial assistance, or even grocery chains offering discount memberships! Representatives from Student Services have relationships with businesses local to each campus. Students can pick which services apply to them based on their situation.

Student Services also coordinates events such as Student Appreciation Day! Dedicated to the students who work tirelessly for their futures, these events are always the most fun. Last year in Tampa Bay, Student Services brought in our local Skoops Italian Ice to provide students with a refreshing, sweet treat during the summer. It was a small thank-you to those who are at the center of everything we do!

Student Groups and Clubs

Campus life wouldn’t be the same without some exciting groups and clubs to join! Luckily, Student Services has formed several clubs at each campus. Some of these clubs/groups include:

  • Student Council
  • Veteran’s Forum
  • Airframe Club
  • Drone Club
  • Wing Assisted Study Program
  • Women of NAA

Student Services established the Airframe Club in New England in 2019! Under the watchful guidance of instructors, the club allows students to work on extra-curricular projects that not only enable students to gain extra experience but also provide an interesting talking point for their resumes! The first project the Airframe Club completed was repainting a Cessna 172 down at the hangar.

Another facet of the NAA experience is Student Council. Overseen by Student Services and entirely student-run, Student Council is a group of student leaders who gather to build community and better the student experience, among other things. Student Council exists to communicate any needs or announcements between the student body and executive staff and advocate for the needs of the student body. They also host events, such as bake sales, to raise money to better the student community, assist students in need, donate to a cause they deem worthy, and leave their mark on NAA.

Student Discounts

Student Services representatives have formed relationships with many establishments surrounding each campus, who are gracious enough to offer NAA student discounts! There are a variety of discounts available to current students, so always remember to carry your ID badge! Discounts include options for dining, fitness, housing, and hotels.

Community Service Events

 At National Aviation Academy, we love to give back. And getting students and staff together for a meaningful cause is even better! One such event was last year’s OneBlood donation drive. In 2018-2019, NAA donated 545 pints of blood, meaning 1,635 lives were potentially saved by NAA donors alone! NAA-Tampa Bay was even recognized as a “Top College Performer 2018-2019” in the tri-county region of Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough.

Recently, National Aviation Academy students and staff collected socks for a vital initiative in New England. Spearheaded by Student Services at our New England campus, NAA was one of ten qualifiers for the 103.3 AMP Radio TJ Show Sock Drive. The sock drive benefitted the Boston Rescue Mission, to provide fresh, clean pairs of socks to the homeless community. Overall, students and staff gathered over 3,500 pairs of socks!

Many students (and staff members) at National Aviation Academy are military Veterans. At the Tampa Bay campus alone, Student Services has held two packing parties for Operation Military Matters, fulfilling over 200 care packages to send to active military members on both dates!

Engaging with our local communities allows National Aviation Academy to provide better assistance to students as well as give back to our neighbors and those who have embraced our students and staff!

Student Services is Here to Help

National Aviation Academy exists due to many moving parts that are essential to the wellbeing of students and staff. Remember not to overlook Student Services. They are here for YOU!

While attending classes, situations can change, and problems may arise. Sometimes it is easier to face those situations with the help of the Student Services department. We encourage you to use this support system as a resource while attending NAA. Student Services has an open-door policy, but sessions can be scheduled in advance.

The success of our student population is of the utmost importance to all of us at NAA. Speak with Student Services about how they can help make your time at NAA the best it can be!