Looking for a job while attending NAA? Student services can help!

Five Amazon representatives visited NAA’s New England campus for a hiring event this week. The representatives set up in the student break area to meet with students. They are currently hiring part-time delivery drivers, warehouse associates, and Whole Foods associates for their 30+ locations in the Boston area and across New England.

Twelve student applications were submitted, and eleven job offers were extended on the spot! An additional 22 students signed up for text/email updates for additional openings. Amazon also raffled off 2 Amazon Echoes to students at NAA’s New England campus.

The event was organized by NAA’s student services department. Student services provides resources to support and enhance your experience while attending NAA. If you need assistance in areas such as housing, transportation, or employment, stop by to see them.

Another Amazon hiring event is scheduled for this fall. More details to come!

NAA makes a huge difference for anyone considering a career as an aircraft mechanic. It was a memorable experience to this day. It’s a great decision for anyone willing to work hard.

Joseph A.

(Alumni), Daytona, FL