The objective of the Career Services department is to assist current and graduated students in securing employment in the aviation industry. All students and alumni of the school are encouraged to utilize the Career Services department at any time. National Aviation Academy is proud to offer lifetime* career services assistance.

Since NAA has been in business since 1932, our industry relationships are a great benefit to current students and alumni. We understand that sometimes in life it can be more about who you know and not what you know, that lands you an ideal opportunity. NAA holds a minimum of six Career Fairs each year (a minimum of three at our Tampa Bay campus and a minimum of three at our New England campus) to bring employers and aviation professionals together. For more information on these events please visit the Career Services calendar.

The Career Services department assists students and graduates in preparing for future career opportunities, focusing on interview skills and possible relocation resources. The Career Services department will provide the following basic services to all graduates of NAA, who choose to take advantage of them.

  • Cover letter and resume development
  • Email, faxing and mailing strategies
  • Interview tips and techniques
  • Post interview follow-up activity

The Career Services Department will assist students in finding and providing leads for job opportunities. Students are fully responsible in applying themselves to earn the job they desire. If you are an alumni and would like to see current open positions please join our Facebook group here.

If you are a representative for a company and would like to register for our next Career Fair click here.

Equal Opportunity and Non-discrimination Policy

*Lifetime is defined as long as National Aviation Academy is in operation.