The aviation industry is very broad. We encourage students to do research before applying to National Aviation Academy, so they are aware of the opportunities available upon completion of the program. NAA graduates can be found working in various sectors of the aviation industry all over the world.

The past 100 years of aviation has seen many changes. In 1913, Harry M. Jones flew the first Aerial Parcel Post service from Franklin Park in Boston to Governor’s Island in New York. The very next year in 1914, Tony Jannus entered history books by making the first commercial flight across Tampa Bay on the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line. That flight showed the world that aviation could be used as a means for transporting passengers to destinations.

As the century progressed, advancements continued. Soon, planes and aircraft were no longer just a novelty, but a staple of life. The military leaned on the aircraft for superiority and businesses relied on them for commerce. Now, there are approximately 93,000 commercial flights per day around the world. There are opportunities everywhere.

The following are ways students and alumni can find the right career for them:

  • Career Fairs – Career Services will host a Career Fair three times a year at each campus with the sole purpose of bringing students together with industry hiring personnel. Students in graduating terms shall be given first opportunity to attend the Career Fair followed by the the rest of the terms; all students will have the opportunity to meet with perspective employers. All students in terms 4.2 and above will be provided an adequate number copies of their resume for each company present (previous request to Career Services required). Students are expected to be professional and fully prepared when recruiters are onsite.
  • On-Site Recruiter Visits – At times employers visit the school with the intent to educate the student body about their respective companies without the opportunity for the student to interview with them at that time. Students are expected to be professional and respectful to the presenter.
  • On-Site Interviews – At times employers visit the school with the intent to conduct interviews with interested candidates. All resumes requested for inclusion will be submitted to the employer. The selection of interview candidates will be at the sole discretion of the employer. Career Services does not make the final interview list. Students are expected to be professional and fully prepared when recruiters are onsite.
  • Class Graduate Mailer: A pamphlet will be created for each graduating class containing a synopsis of each student’s experience and contact information. These pamphlets will be emailed and/or mailed to selected businesses contacts in the industry in an attempt to generate job leads for the graduates.
  • Job Lead Program: A job board is maintained in the form of a Facebook group and is updated every week. You must have a Facebook account to be admitted to the group – to join the group click here.