Aviation is a growing industry in constant need of highly trained technicians however; there are other opportunities available. A&P mechanics are highly sought after among several industries. Technicians trained at National Aviation Academy (NAA) can be found working skilled positions in various fields. Due to strict Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines A&Ps have an excellent attention to detail. Here are a few of the opportunities available to certified technicians.

Wind Turbines (Renewable Energy)

The growing need for renewal energy is always increasing. The continual advancements of Green Technology has opened a demand for A&P mechanics. Companies involved with wind turbines actively pursue NAA graduates. These organizations attend career fairs held at NAA in hopes of utilizing their skill sets in this growing industry.

If you enjoy traveling and seeing the world, this could be a career path for you. Since employees in this sector typically work on the road expenses are often covered meaning you can earn more money.

Facts about Wind Energy: (https://windsolaralliance.org/)

  • Between 2008 and 2012, wind power has provided 36.5% of all new generating capacity in the United States.
  • Right now, 559 wind-related manufacturing facilities produce a product for the U.S. wind energy industry across 44 states.
  • Wind power is currently the fastest-growing source of electricity production in the world.

Roller Coasters

According to Carnegie Magazine, nearly 290 million people ride roller coasters each year. So who maintains them? You guessed it. A&P technicians work in major theme parks worldwide. Amusement parks continually hire graduates to preserve the coasters due to their high attention to detail and understanding of safety measurements. Roller coaster cars are removed from their tracks daily and inspected for safety.

A&P’s know the value and importance required of the position because just like aircraft they must release them for flight. Like airplanes, roller coasters travel at fast speeds and carry precious cargo. Thrill seekers everyday enjoy coasters and that could include you with an employee pass.

Mass Transit

Major metropolitan areas around the world employ mass transit systems to move people to and from destinations. These systems usually involve trains and/or buses. A&P technicians understand the demand and dynamics of transportation. Like airlines, commuters and tourists rely heavily on this method of travel. Alumni of NAA can be found working in systems like the MBTA in Boston, Massachusetts. Our students are sought after due to their understanding of hydraulics and pneumatic systems. NAA graduates are choice candidates to be train engineers.

Auto Racing

Just like aircraft, Formula One race cars move at triple digit speeds powered by complex and intricate engines. The airframe or structures knowledge that an A&P possesses is key when talking about Formula One racing. A&P technicians understand the importance of aerodynamics for the car. Technicians know what adjustments must be made in order to enhance the car’s speed without jeopardizing his safety. Formula One race cars can be altered to help with aerodynamics around the track. It is very important to not over adjust to keep the car from becoming airborne and putting the driver’s life at risk.