The Boeing Study & Aviation Demand

Each year, Boeing releases a Pilot and Technician Outlook that forecasts growth in the aviation industry. For over 55 years, Boeing has studied data that includes factors such as the economy, airline travel, and fleet evolution to project demand over the next 20 years. Boeing studies have become a benchmark to understand what the aviation industry may look like in the decades to come.

It’s no secret that the aviation industry has endured significant changes this year. With the onset of COVID-19, cargo transportation and passenger travel have been affected in numerous ways.

However, Boeing’s 2020 Pilot and Technician Outlook report outlines how resilient the aviation industry truly is. As the report states, “Analysis of new licenses and certificates issued over the past few years had indicated that the number of new personnel entering the industry was lagging demand. The short-term oversupply allows operators the opportunity to build their pipeline in anticipation of growth returning in the next few years.”

Despite challenges posed by COVID-19, the demand for aviation maintenance technicians remains. The significant shortage is now only exacerbated by veteran mechanics retiring early and companies slowing down their hiring. In fact, Boeing estimates that 739,000 new aviation maintenance technicians will be needed globally in the next 20 years. Compared to Boeing’s 2019 outlook at 769,000 technicians required, there is still a significant number of new AMTs needed to service the world’s fleet in the upcoming decades.

Leveraging Technology with Aviation Maintenance Technician Demand

As the aviation industry has changed, so too has the training industry. Technology has been a vital source of communication as in-person events have been paused for the time being. Luckily, virtual exploration of companies from across the nation and many sectors of aviation is possible.

For example, National Aviation Academy has begun working with employers through virtual webinars and presentations. Employers have even started hosting virtual interviews with students for opportunities or to fill their hiring pipeline!

Resilience and Recovery

As we look to the future, it is important to remember that the aviation industry is in a recovery period. The world’s fleet still needs aviation maintenance technicians to keep them safely operating, whether carrying cargo or passengers. As it stands, technicians play a critical role in ensuring that the skies are safe.

Aviation is resilient, as are the people who have found careers in the industry. It can be challenging to see the positive aspects, but according to Boeing, the industry and aviation demand is on the upswing. It won’t be instantaneous, either. However, aviation’s future is bright, and the demand for aviation maintenance technicians is still going strong.

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