Career Services, Technology, and You

Thinking back to spring, we would have never guessed that we’d collectively face a global pandemic. As we continue to navigate how to best serve our students and alumni through Covid-19, technology is a critical component to ensuring that we can still connect with our industry partners. Many aviation maintenance positions are currently available, and we’re here to be your connecting point – and technology is helping us along the way!

National Aviation Academy’s Career Services department knew that innovative methods would be necessary to continue to offer premier career placement assistance, especially since in-person Career Fairs are not currently an option. Luckily, virtual exploration of companies from across the nation and many sectors of aviation is possible.

The Power of Webinars

The primary method we’ve used for these company explorations has been webinars. They’ve been an ideal way for students to research and imagine where (company/geographical location) they want to work and in which sector they want to end up (GA/airframe/sheet metal). Webinars also help students get a sense of each presenting company (how they are alike or different), application and resume tips, starting salary, tool requirements, benefits, and locations currently in need of A&Ps.

Videos and other multimedia solutions, paired with recruiter interaction, help students get to know potential employers. Here’s an example video that was shared during Dynamic Aviation’s recent webinar:

Some employers who are participating are currently hiring, while others are building pipelines.  Most recruiters are available to students via phone/email. They’re eager to ensure that our relationship with them remains strong until we can invite them to revisit our campuses—which will hopefully be soon!

Technology Is Here to Stay

So far, students and graduates have applied to companies they perhaps would not have considered prior and have even successfully engaged in virtual interviews! Companies who have presented include Piedmont Airlines, Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines, Endeavor Air, Duncan Aviation Inc., Airborne / PEMCO, Northrop Grumman, C&L Aviation Group, PSA Airlines, Dynamic Aviation, LAUNCH,, and others! Register for future webinars, including JetBlue and PlaneSense Inc. here.

Please remember that Career Services is always available to assist with resumes, cover letters, and mock interviews, and we will follow-up with an employer on an applicant’s behalf once they have applied. Stop by in person, text, or email us. We continue to seek exciting new ways to use technology to benefit our students and can’t wait to help you during your career journey!