Master Your Virtual Interview

 During these socially distant times, employers are looking to utilize technology for their interviewing needs. In lieu of a face-to-face interview, many aviation employers have taken up remote virtual interviews. These interviews can sometimes be over the phone but are most often using technology like video conferencing.

Virtual interviews are not so far different from the typical face-to-face ones, but they do require you to take a different approach and adjust yourself to succeed.

We’re taking a look at the best practices to implement to succeed during a virtual interview. Note that not all employers will require a virtual one, but it is still important to brush up on your interviewing skills regardless!

1. Test Your Tech

It happens to everyone. Technical difficulties can be the worst, especially during critical times such as a virtual interview. The usual setup for such an interview requires a camera, microphone, some software program (like Zoom or Microsoft Teams), and a reliable internet connection.

Before the interview, ensure that all of these components are set up and working effectively. Even right up to the point of the interview, test to make sure your internet connection is strong or that you’re properly signed into the software program.

2. Look the Part

It should come as no surprise that if an employer can see you for an interview, you should be wearing proper attire. Dressing the part will make you feel more confident and excited about the opportunity, and also showcases that you are professional. Just as an in-person interview, dress for success.

If you’re not sure of what to wear, business casual is a great standard. Men and women can both wear button-down shirts with a blazer and slacks. Overall, just ensure that you look clean, professional, and ready to earn that position!

3. Limit Distractions

Being at home can be a great place for a virtual interview, but sometimes it can cause more distractions. Choose a proper location that is quiet, clean, and free from any distractions. You may even need to give your family members or roommates a heads-up that you will need a quiet, off-limits space.

For example, tell people you are sharing your space with about when and where your interview will be conducted. Respectfully ask for privacy during that time, and for limited disturbances. If you’ve got any pets, you may want to place them in a different area for the time being during the virtual interview. Doing all this beforehand will allow you some quality interview time while simultaneously cutting out any distractions that may pop up.

4. Prepare Yourself

Like any interview, you should prepare yourself beforehand for the most success. Prepare answers to questions you may receive. For example, if an employer asks you about what you know about the airline you are interested in working for, you should have knowledge of the company, such as the history behind it or recent news it has shared.

Instead of hurriedly trying to research the company during the virtual interview, it is best that you come prepared and knowledgeable about the position, the company, and what your expectations are. An interview can become awkward if it shows that you are not prepared!

Being prepared for an interview will leave a lasting impression. Establishing this kind of rapport is important for business relationships as it can help you rise above the rest of the candidates.

5. Build Authentic Rapport

Everything about you during an interview is important. The way you express yourself. How confident you are. The body language you exude.

With virtual interviews, it may seem difficult to build rapport when you are not sitting right across from the person interviewing you. Express yourself authentically to show off your personality. After all, the interview is all about figuring out if you are a good match for their company culture and environment. Conveying confidence is important, but don’t let it come across as egotistical!

6. Follow Up

The follow up is incredibly important, especially in the aviation industry. You may interview with a large MRO or airline who can possibly interview multiple people on the same day. To help you stand out, be sure to send a follow-up email within 24 hours of the interview. For instance, you can thank the interviewer for their time, let them know you are available for any additional questions, and express that you are very interested and excited about possibly joining their team.

Virtual Interviews and You

National Aviation Academy has a special department dedicated to helping you find and land the career of your dreams. Career Services is available to assist you with resume building, interview preparation, and more!

Virtual interviews can be stressful, especially if you are not prepared. Prepare yourself beforehand, and do not forget to follow up! Aviation maintenance technicians are in demand, so what are you waiting for?

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