What are Avionics Systems?

Advanced Aircraft Systems (AAS), also referred to as Avionics, are the technologies fitted to an aircraft like communications, navigation, weather, radar, autopilot, sensors, Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, other advanced technologies like autonomous flight controls, and emergency response systems.

On the job, Aircraft Technicians are typically doing the following:

  • Testing electronic instruments using circuit testers, oscilloscopes, and voltmeters
  • Interpreting flight test data to diagnose performance issues
  • Assembling components, such as electrical controls and junction boxes
  • Installing instrument panels using hand tools, power tools, and soldering irons
  • Repairing or replacing malfunctioning parts and systems
  • Keeping detailed records of maintenance and repair work


With that in mind, our AAS curriculum incorporates hands-on training with electronic projects, flight simulation technologies, structural blueprint reading, schematics, DC & AC circuits, analog & digital circuits, soldering skills, electronics CAD drawing, circuit/project prototyping & fabrication, and microprocessor theory.

Students learn how to troubleshoot more advanced avionics technologies by understanding electricity’s behavior with electrical theories, practicing specific math formulas, and interpreting data.

Career Opportunities in Aviation Maintenance

Most aviation companies have avionics repair services within their operations, whether those services are a part of an internal or external team. Below are just a few examples of companies and businesses!

Airborne / PEMCO is a maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) company that services commuter airliners like Frontier, Spirit, Southwest, and cargo aircraft for companies like Amazon and UPS.

Delta Tech Ops is another MRO and a division of Delta Air Lines. They are full-service maintenance providers, including avionics systems services, for the Delta Air Lines fleet and provide services for other third- party companies worldwide.

Garmin manufactures systems for general aviation, corporate and military aircraft. Check out their range of technologies and solutions!

General Atomics is a military defense company that manufactures and service Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and other innovative technologies for autonomous flight systems.

Gulfstream designs and manufactures gorgeous luxury corporate business jets! They have multiple locations in the US and some in other countries.

Northrop Grumman is a global aerospace and defense technology company with multiple divisions, including aerospace, missions, defense, and space systems.

West Star Aviation is a repair station with many locations across the US. They specialize in the airframe, powerplant, and avionics maintenance for corporate aircraft.

Sarasota Avionics is another repair station that services the avionics systems, structural body, and engines of smaller general aviation aircraft.

Be Prepared for These Opportunities!

Your Avionics Certification will allow you to work with aircraft technologies, which will be imperative to your growth and career possibilities in aviation maintenance!

Our 21-month Aviation Maintenance Professional program prepares you for your Federal Airframe & Powerplant Licenses and Avionics Certificates. Having all three credentials means you can service the body, engines, and technologies of aircraft. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your value as a technician, expand your job opportunities to more positions, companies, and other technical industries!

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