Aviation maintenance professional student learning wiring.

Aviation Maintenance Professional (AMP) is National Aviation Academy’s premier aviation maintenance course. In addition to covering all of the core curriculum to become an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified A&P mechanic, students are also taught about the electric and electronic technologies in aviation.

Next generation aircraft require technicians who understand the latest technologies. NAA’s AMP program is designed to teach to, and address, that need.

Our 3,000 clock hour AMP program combines Aviation Maintenance Technology (2,000 hours) and our Advanced Aircraft Systems (1,000 hours) program. Students gain an exceptional education through traditional A&P training, with the added avionics edge. Curriculum includes wiring, troubleshooting electrical systems, and advanced diagnostic training.

Airplanes and jets continue to evolve both mechanically and electronically. Some of the latest commercial airliners have progressed past sheet metal to a lighter composite and the steam gauges in the cockpits have been replaced with large touch screens. It is imperative to understand the value of knowing all components of aircraft and keeping pace with new technologies. Aviation Maintenance Professional training offers a complete curriculum with the future demands in aviation in mind.


National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies (NCATT) is dedicated to the development of nationally recognized standards and certifications identified and recognized by industry professionals. NCATT standards are easily adaptable into any education or training program to qualify aerospace professionals in their designated career field. NCATT certifications demonstrate the knowledge base of the advanced aerospace technician to promote integrity, safety and professionalism in the aerospace workforce. National Aviation Academy was the first school to adopt the NCATT approved curriculum.

Gainful Employment

*This program is not offered at our New England campus.