Advanced Aircraft Systems

Are you someone who is up on the latest technologies? Always wanting to know what is next? If so, consider our Advanced Aircraft Systems (AAS) training. It fuses new, innovative technologies with aviation. The program starts with the basics before covering more extensive material. No experience is necessary. We build aviation foundations from the ground up!
Tesla Coil in Avionics Class Room

An NAA instructor gives a Tesla Coil Demonstration as part of an Advanced Aircraft Systems lab

Advanced Aircraft Systems equipment includes avionics equipment. Avionics are the electric and electronic parts of aircraft. They include radio communications, navigation, weather, and radar. Computer systems that monitor and control flight and primary aircraft functions are also covered. Training does not start and end with avionics, however! We connect with industry-leading employers to determine the advanced skills needed in the aviation maintenance field. We then use this information to prepare our graduates.

Are there benefits to advanced training?

The goal of our hands-on AAS course is to develop skillful avionics technicians. This advanced training will allow you to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair avionics system. Your skillset will make you an invaluable asset in our increasingly technological world!
Modern and next-generation aircraft are highly complex machines. To maintain these aircraft, the modern A&P technician typically requires a higher level of training. We’re here to offer just that! Check out the certifications you will receive below:


  • Airbus Systems Training Course
  • Electrical Wiring & Interconnect Systems (EWIS)
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Element 1 -Marine Radio Operator Permit (MROP)
  • FCC Element 3 – General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL)
  • FCC Element 8 – Radar
  • National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies (NCATT) Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) – NCATT – AET
  • Transport Category Aircraft Systems Course

AEA Avionics Market Report

Gainful Employment

*This program is not offered at our New England campus.