A Hangar for Training 

When it comes to training aviation maintenance technicians, proper space and equipment are required! Especially for the kind of hands-on training that National Aviation Academy (NAA) offers.

Our hangar at the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport allows students to experience training in a workplace setting. And with the new renovations at both our campuses and hangars, National Aviation Academy is as committed as ever to providing a quality student experience for those who dream of a career in aviation! 

Properly Equipped 

Providing students with the correct equipment is a must for the kinds of hands-on training that aviation maintenance students require. For example, a recently introduced training tool, the Batesfield GPU, is a vehicle capable of supplying power to aircraft parked on the ground.  

And what would a hangar be without aircraft? At the Tampa Bay hangar, NAA is proud to own aircraft that allow for training opportunities at every turn. From the Learjet to the Piper Seneca, students have utilized these aircraft at training resources for years. For instance, 6th Term classes experience curriculum on landing gear hands-on instead of just reading about it in a textbook. Students can physically touch and see the workings of an aircraft’s landing gear, which opens more doors for teachable moments through our instructors! 

Learning Opportunities 

Hangar operations at National Aviation Academy are all about learning experiences. Recent cleaning and renovations at the Tampa Bay hangar give way to a safer and more positive learning environment. 

Possessing the necessary equipment is important, but moreover, the hangar space allows students to freely utilize the equipment without having to worry about not engaging enough with the material. For example, welding is part of the curriculum in our 5th Term classes. Our hangar space provides students the chance to actually practice welding. Who knows, during their careers after graduation, welding could become one of their main duties!  

Those without any experience in aviation don’t need to worry. NAA’s curriculum is built with learning at the forefront. You don’t need to be a welding wizard before you come to school! Instead, our veteran-industry instructors give you the insight and opportunity to train with the physical tools used frequently at actual job sites 

Experience the Lessons 

At National Aviation Academy, it’s not just bookwork. Practice real-life scenarios you may find in your aviation career with hands-on training! From General Electric turbojet engines to a Sensenich two-bladed propeller, we’ve got the equipment needed to assist students in training hands-on.  

Come see how you can train in as little as 14 months! Please fill out the form below, and allow your dreams to become a reality!