Training Tool Time!

Are you hands-on? If you’re reading this, we’re betting the answer is “yes.” Hands-on learners learn differently. Having access to training equipment and the tools you will find on the job is critical, but especially for those who learn by doing. At National Aviation Academy (NAA), we are always seeking new ways to improve  our training aids and hands-on learning components. A training tool that we have recently introduced is the Batesfield GPU.

A&P Training Students with the BatesField GPU Training Aid

A&P Training Students with the BatesField GPU Training Aid

A GPU, or ground power unit, is a vehicle capable of supplying power to aircraft parked on the ground. BatesField GPU offers many types of units, including both engine and hangar-powered. Our unit has already been an excellent resource for students.

A&P (Airframe and Powerplant) Education

If you have ever wondered what it takes to be an A&P, a common answer is just one word: training. To earn your airframe and powerplant certifications, you must attend a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) school OR have at least 30 months of relevant civilian or military work experience supervised by a certified aviation mechanic.

NAA offers a 14-month path to certification, with Career Services assistance. Our FAA-approved training, constantly evolving training tools, and culture that supports growth and excellence is only the beginning. Start your career as an A&P mechanic by filling out the form below.