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Requirements to Apply

Thinking about enrolling? Applicants interested in aviation maintenance training must clear a few requirements listed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be able to read, write, and understand English
  • possess a high school diploma or GED

Part-147 schools, such as National Aviation Academy, offer the structure, instruction, necessary materials, and assurance needed to meet the FAA-mandated requirements to become a certified aviation maintenance professional as soon as possible.

Get Ready for Your Upcoming Training

Once you’re enrolled, start preparing for your aviation maintenance journey!

Be sure to brush up on the topics in your program. A little preparation can go a long way! For a full refresher of the curriculum within the NAA training programs, check out this helpful guide.

The skills required to be an aircraft mechanic inclide precision, practice, and dedication, among other qualities. Our guide on the top qualities of an aircraft mechanic can help you focus your studies!

Resources Abound

NAA students have access to several on-campus resources to help them make the most of their school experience.

Student Services helps students navigate their education experience. Every student is unique, with different challenges and expectations, and Student Services can provide tailored assistance in finding housing, transportation, employment, and extracurricular activities!

Career Services provides resources to help students in their professional development and search for employment. Career counseling, resume development, and interviewing tips/techniques are all provided to students. Additionally, Career Services hosts several employer visits and career fairs that allow students to connect with leaders in the aviation industry!

Financial Aid works with qualifying indivduals regarding financial assistance. Each student is evaluated on a case-by-case basis; whether you’re attending school for the first time or a veteran transitioning from the military, Financial Aid staff is available and qualified to help with your needs. 

Visit the Student Resources page for more info on these departments!