Do You Possess These Qualities?

Aircraft are highly complex machines that require dedicated professionals to keep them flying routinely. The safety of millions a year depends on the quality of work that aircraft mechanics do. Knowledge and skills are important in aviation maintenance, but just as equally important are the qualities that a mechanic possesses.

Mechanics in the aviation industry are a different breed, able to provide hands-on maintenance on mechanical parts to keep the machinery running smoothly but also safely.

With so much at stake, there are certain qualities that aircraft mechanics possess that make them perfect for their roles. For a successful aviation career, here are the top five qualities that make a good aircraft mechanic!

1. Detail is Everything

As mentioned previously, safety is a huge factor in the aviation industry. Even the smallest of parts can become dislodged when an aircraft moves, which may lead to catastrophe.

Attention to detail is crucial to make a good aircraft mechanic. When reading and comprehending manuals on the job, every detail must be considered to maintain, repair, or even inspect an aircraft.

Changes in how parts move, perform, or even sound can be crucial in detecting problems. Additionally, being highly detail-oriented means an aircraft can move through inspections and maintenance quicker, allowing for better operations of the aviation company at hand.

2. A Good Aircraft Mechanic Always Communicates

One of the biggest aspects of the aviation maintenance industry is communication. And it’s not just verbal. Any inspections, repairs, maintenance, etc., are documented. Suppose an aircraft mechanic does not have top-tier communication skills. In that case, important information could be missing from reports and documents, leading to problems.

No matter if an aircraft mechanic is fresh from graduating training school or is an industry veteran, communication is key. Telling a supervisor of a problem instead of keeping it hidden can save the company credibility and possibly prevent further issues from developing down the line.

In a technical field unlike any other, excellent communication skills make for a good aircraft mechanic. Especially when an aircraft and its passengers could be at risk for even the smallest mistake!

3. A Willingness to Learn

Aviation is an ever-changing industry. New technology is constantly emerging, and aircraft mechanics needs to be willing to learn about what’s new. Let’s face it, sometimes people are set in their ways. Not being driven to learn as an aircraft mechanic isn’t a good look and can even hurt your career in the long run!

Companies in aviation are looking for talented individuals who can adapt to changes and want to learn more. An aircraft mechanic with the know-how of new technology in an aircraft makes that person suited for more opportunities.

Active learning is a quality of a good mechanic. There’s no doubting that. After all, there is value in hands-on training, especially on the job.

4. Reliability

A good mechanic also has the quality of being reliable. Knowing that an aviation mechanic is on-time and can do the work in a quality manner makes a huge difference for companies.

It goes beyond just being punctual. For example, a reliable mechanic also means being 100% compliant with company and safety procedures. Basically, a good aircraft mechanic doesn’t cut corners when completing tasks.

This quality goes hand-in-hand with communication. Aircraft maintenance often relies on teamwork and the trust of fellow coworkers. If you’re reliable, your communication skills with your team should be demonstrated.

Reliability can also impact career advancement. Showing your reliability also demonstrates trustworthiness, which can go a long way on that ladder to the top.

5. Hands-On Competence

Last but not least, a top 5 quality that makes a good aircraft mechanic is competence with hands-on work. It’s no secret that mechanics work with their hands. But, it’s more than just being able to use a tool correctly.

An aviation mechanic that is not good with hands-on work is a bit of an oxymoron. This field is all about hands-on tasks ensuring aircraft are maintained, inspected, and repaired correctly. Without the ability to produce quality aircraft maintenance work, aircraft would not fly.

It may seem redundant, but aircraft mechanics should have the quality of hands-on competence. And it doesn’t hurt to enjoy working with your hands, either! Certain people simply like taking things apart and putting things back together. That kind of interest can produce a passion for working directly on aircraft! 

Do You Possess the Qualities that Make a Good Aircraft Mechanic?

A good aircraft mechanic has certain qualities that make them successful. Without even one of these qualities, work ethic would diminish.

Think of it this way– would you want to be a passenger on a plane that was maintained by someone without strict attention to detail?

This is why training is such a critical aspect of aircraft maintenance. Exceptional training can mold a person into an exceptional mechanic. Still, these qualities need to be considered even after training is complete. Not only is being technically competent and reliable an overall positive quality to have, but it makes a huge difference in one’s career path, especially in aviation maintenance.

So, do you have what it takes? Are you willing to work on the qualities that make a good aircraft mechanic? Let us know if you’re ready to start training to get into a fulfilling career by filling out the form below!