On April 20, 2022, representatives from Blue Origin visited National Aviation Academy’s Tampa Bay campus! During the visit, Blue Origin conducted interviews, toured the school, and gave presentations in both the hangar and main campus of NAA. Students were eager to learn about the company and its opportunities. Blue Origin provided valuable insight into the aviation industry and highlighted the importance of aviation maintenance skills, especially in the airframe field.

Thank you to Blue Origin for visiting National Aviation Academy! To learn more about the company, visit their site!

Other Networking Opportunities at NAA

In addition to company visits, NAA regularly hosts career fairs throughout the year, many of which Airbus previously attended! A wide range of companies attend NAA career fairs, such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, and Delta. These career fairs are prime environments for students to network, interview, and find employment.

NAA’s Career Services department plans all career fairs and employer visits – if you’d like more information on future career-focused events, reach out!

At every point of training, students should be prepared to navigate networking and interviewing opportunities like career fairs and employer visits! Be sure to check out our guide with helpful career tips for aviation mechanics in training.

Already in the job application process? Our guide on acquiring letters of recommendation can help you out!