During your search for an aviation maintenance position, employers may ask for letters of recommendation. A letter of recommendation is a written reference letter positively endorsing a candidate and their skills, accomplishments, and character. It is customary to ask someone familiar with you in a professional or educational capacity, such as an instructor, manager, professor, etc., to write the letter.

While letters of recommendation as a requirement are not as common as resumes or cover letters, they are still valuable resources to have. They are another way to highlight an applicant’s unique skillset, and asking for a letter can solidify professional bonds. A letter of recommendation can also serve as a confidence boost during an arduous job hunt or provide helpful descriptions for completing resumes.

Choosing Your References For a Letter of Recommendation

Choosing a reference requires thoughtful consideration. Be sure that your selected contact has ample experience working with you. It may be tempting to ask any friend or colleague with a relevant position or title. Still, if they have no experience working with you, they cannot provide any valuable information for future employers.

During your hunt for letters of recommendation, find as many references as possible. It is essential to have options as not every chosen contact may have the time to write a letter.


It may go without saying that it’s imperative to be polite when asking someone for a reference letter! Crafting a well-written letter is a big undertaking, so always ask for the favor as soon as possible. In most cases, giving at least two weeks of notice is recommended, and complete transparency on your application’s timeline.

Additionally, make it as easy as possible for your reference. Give them context on your professional goals, experience, and qualifications. Some essential details to give to your reference are:

  • A copy of your latest resume
  • Your current position or endeavors
  • Information on what the letter is for
  • Qualifications, certifications, etc.
  • Relevant skills
  • Due date for the letter of recommendation

Providing these details will make the writing process easier for your reference and will likely increase the letter’s quality!

Get In Touch With NAA Career Services!

Need some help with the job hunt? NAA’s Career Services department helps students and alumni find employment in aviation. Career counseling, resume development, and interviewing tips/techniques are provided to all students and alumni!

NAA also holds Career Fairs in Tampa Bay and New England throughout the year. Recruiters from commercial airlines, general aviation companies, military/defense contractors, space innovators, manufacturers, MROs (maintenance, repair, and overhaul providers), and parallel industries come directly to students! NAA Career Fairs are an excellent opportunity to showcase well-written letters of reference.

This skilled department builds and maintains relationships with industry leaders that directly recruit from NAA! Graduates are eligible for career placement assistance to facilitate current and future job offers or opportunities. NAA eagerly works with graduating students as they transition into the field.