Earning your Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certifications is challenging. It’s much easier with a sound support system, a plan to manage your personal life, and defined goals to focus on. At National Aviation Academy (NAA), we provide the structure, resources, and guidance every student needs to progress through training and launch an aviation maintenance career!

But a student’s personal life is the other part of the equation. Months of training for rewarding aviation maintenance career opportunities is a huge commitment, so it’s important to consider whether right now is the right time for you. If it’s not, what do you need to do to be ready to train?

Starting Aviation Maintenance Training

Those interested in aviation maintenance training must clear a few requirements listed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be able to read, write, and understand English
  • possess a high school diploma or GED

Part-147 schools, such as National Aviation Academy, offer the structure, instruction, necessary materials, and assurance needed to meet the FAA-mandated requirements to become a certified aviation maintenance professional as soon as possible.

Assessing Your Current Work Situation

Are you happily employed? If not, what would you change? It can take a lifetime to figure that out. But here are some good points to start with:

Pay: The amount of money you need monthly/annual to meet all of you and your family’s basic needs, wants, savings, and financial goals.

Schedule: The time you want to spend with family, friends, and other areas in your life.

Interests: If you invest yourself, time, and resources into career training, you’ll be in this for quite some time. Do you love hands-on work and being around aircraft? Maybe you like to travel, and this career-field may afford you that opportunity.

Respect: How you feel about yourself, your livelihood, and the way others treat you. How do you feel about your current position? How would it feel to call yourself an “Aircraft Mechanic”?

Work Environment: Aviation Maintenance positions are mainly outdoors, loud, busy, and hazardous environments. As you progress into higher positions, that might evolve into an office environment, overseeing maintenance projects.

Opportunity for Advancement: Aviation Maintenance is a limitless career. Whether you can see yourself managing a hangar at the highest level or owning and operating your own aviation maintenance business, the opportunities are vast!

Other “Career-Ready” Things to Consider

To be career ready you’ll need to research the aviation maintenance career field, find out what interests you, and which training program you want to pursue. Below are a few great articles to start with!

Do Aircraft Mechanics Make Good Money? Compensation and benefits look a little different in each sector of the industry. Read on to learn more!

What Does an Aircraft Mechanic Do? Learn about the day-to-day of being an aircraft mechanic! This article talks about career pathways and advancement opportunities in commercial, general aviation, and other specializations.

How Do I Become an Aircraft Mechanic? Get clarity on the requirements to become an aircraft mechanic, your training options, and why attending a part-147 school like National Aviation Academy is your best option!

Clarify Your Goals

A year from now, if nothing changed, how would you feel? Goals are an essential motivator to keep you on track. Even if you don’t know precisely what you want or have trouble imagining the details, you can visualize your future using the examples below. Which goals are important to you?

  • I want to make more money
  • I want a career where I feel I am making a difference
  • I want a career where my loved ones will be proud of me
  • I want to be more independent
  • I want to give my kids a better life
  • I want to travel
  • I want more job security
  • I want more financial security
  • I want to own a home


Support System for Your Aviation Maintenance Career Training

Different people need different amounts of support to succeed, especially with a significant lifestyle change such as going to school. There are three main types of support:

  • Moral Support to help me make good decisions and keep me focused on my goal
  • Financial Support to help me pay for school and help cover living expenses
  • Lifestyle Support to help me with things like childcare, transportation, etc.

NAA’s Student Services offers many resources for students’ needs like relocation assistance, housing, transportation, childcare, part or full-time jobs, and discounts to local businesses. Depending on the kind of support you need, it’s a good idea to identify the persons and communities in your life that can offer backup assistance in certain situations. Before you begin career training, make sure you develop a plan for managing your new life and routine.

Is Aviation Maintenance Training Right for You?

The aviation maintenance industry offers limitless careers that can change your life as you know it! Training for aviation maintenance isn’t always easy, but for those who are career-ready, know what they want, have a plan, and support they need to get through it, it’s the perfect time to begin!

Take the Career Readiness Quiz to see if you are ready to being training. Apply now to get started today!