Do A&P mechanics earn more than auto mechanics?

Could I make more money working on motorcycles or jets?

These are both great questions. We understand that most students attending NAA have a passion for aviation but the bottom line still revolves around earnings. If you review the information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) it’s easy to see why those individuals who enjoy working with their hands, mechanically inclined or have a passion for aviation choose to become an aircraft technician. According to the BLS, aircraft technicians earn more on average than automotive, marine or motorcycle mechanics. In fact, the BLS website shows the average A&P mechanic earns over $52,000 per year. The lower 10 % bring home more than $33,000 while the top 10% enjoy wages over $72,000 annually. A&P mechanics are sometimes referred to as: jet technicians, aircraft technicians, aircraft mechanics or simply a jet mechanic. Whatever the terminology these individuals are licensed through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and work meticulously and diligently to keep our skies safe. If you have an interest in aviation maintenance and have questions about salary information compared to other career paths please review the BLS. We’ve also provided a chart outlining salary information among similar career paths.