Winners of National Aviation Academy’s (NAA) Charles E. Taylor Scholarship for aviation maintenance training have been awarded for the 2021 school year! This scholarship recognizes and encourages students pursuing careers in aviation maintenance and promotes the future of aviation and, specifically, highly trained airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanics.

Charles E. Taylor was an American inventor, mechanic, and machinist. He built the first aircraft engine and was a vital contributor to mechanical skills in building and maintaining early aircraft. Known as the “Father of Aviation Maintenance,” Taylor exemplifies the hands-on skills necessary to drive innovation into the future. National Aviation Academy’s High School Scholarship is named in his honor.

After careful consideration, $6,000 in scholarship funding was awarded by NAA to students from Hudson High School, Bloomingdale Senior High School, Robinson High School, Newsome High School, Lennard High School, and Alonso High School. NAA selected recipients because of their performance as students and understanding the demand for and value of hands-on skills.

New Scholarship Opportunities for NAA Students 

New scholarships for aviation maintenance training are now available for currently enrolled students! NAA is partnering with the Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF) to raise scholarship money for NAA students who have limited access to other financial aid. By helping launch this initiative, NAA will increase its investment in and opportunity for the next generation of aviation maintenance technicians -essential to the aviation industry!

The Financial Need Scholarship will help socio-economically disadvantaged students develop their potential, achieve their goals, and become successful. An application process will determine the student’s ability to pay direct and indirect school expenses. Newly enrolled students who have the greatest need will receive a $500 scholarship. Applicants can apply for the scholarship up to 10 times and receive up to $5,000 maximum.

The Academic Merit Scholarship will use the applicant’s academic performance to assess their worthiness of the award. Applicants must be current students, have the highest GPA score, and the least number of hours missed among other applicants in their class term to receive a $500 scholarship. Applicants can apply for the scholarship up to 10 times and receive up to $5,000 maximum.

To be considered, applicants must submit a 300–500-word essay addressing the following question, “Why hands-on/technical skills important to help solve the program we face today or drive innovation in the future?”

NAA’s Accessible Career Training Opportunities

Interested in a hands-on career? While NAA is a Title IV school and accepts Financial Aid, consider applying for our scholarships for aviation maintenance training! NAA has provided world-class aviation maintenance training since 1932. Dedicated to building a quality aviation maintenance workforce, NAA offers training in Aviation Maintenance and Advanced Aircraft Systems. Students gain industry knowledge and exceptional skills by engaging with faculty with years of experience across all maintenance sectors. Companies that hire NAA graduates offer long-term and viable careers with incredible growth and earning potential. NAA trains individuals from across the globe at campuses located in Clearwater, FL, and Concord, MA.

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