An A&P Mechanic’s Guide to LinkedIn

Are you looking to advance your aviation maintenance career? LinkedIn is a professional networking website that can be a valuable tool for airframe and powerplant (A&P) technicians. By creating a profile and connecting with other professionals in the industry, aircraft mechanics can expand their network and stay informed about job opportunities, industry news, and new technologies. So, should A&Ps be on LinkedIn? Our answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ Let’s get into our A&P Mechanic’s Guide to LinkedIn!

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NAA-New England alumni ready to get to work after their graduation ceremony!

What Would an A&P’s Guide to LinkedIn Be Without Some Tips?

Below are our top tips for creating a compelling A&P mechanic LinkedIn profile:

• Use a clear and professional profile photo.
• Write a detailed and accurate summary of your experience and skills.
• Include your certifications and licenses in your profile’s ‘Certifications’ section.
• List your experience, highlighting your relevant aviation maintenance education and work history.
• Join industry-specific groups to stay informed about new developments and career opportunities.
• Connect with other professionals in the industry, including technicians, leads, engineers, hiring managers, and aircraft manufacturers. Don’t forget former classmates and current colleagues who can recommend your skills!
• Showcase your know-how using the ‘skills’ feature, which allows you to tag skills related to your profession. Use this to highlight your expertise further and make it easier for recruiters and potential employers to find you.

Additionally, LinkedIn Learning has a wide range of courses and tutorials available on various aviation-related topics, such as aircraft maintenance, safety, and regulatory compliance, which could be valuable for mechanics looking to stay up to date on the latest industry trends and practices. As any NAA alumni will tell you, you will always want to keep learning, even once out in the field.

Show Your Value, Earn Your Worth

LinkedIn offers significant value to NAA students and alumni, whether you’re eyeing a new position, growing your network, or keeping pace with information, trends, or courses. If you haven’t already, get started! Remember our tips to build an impressive profile, connect with colleagues and employers, explore opportunities, find jobs, network with potential customers, and much more!

Did you find the tips in our A&P Mechanic’s Guide to LinkedIn helpful? Stay tuned for other posts to help you in your educational or professional journey! Not an NAA student or alumni yet, but considering starting aviation maintenance training? Fill out the form below!