In celebration of National Aviation Academy’s (NAA) Tampa Bay recent graduating class, NAA hosted a ceremony on August 16, 2021, at Banquet Masters in Clearwater, FL! NAA is grateful to host an in-person service to provide the opportunity for students to accept their diplomas and celebrate their achievements with their friends and family.

Having completed NAA’s Aviation Maintenance Professional (AMP) and Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT)programs, the students proudly donned their graduation robes and respective cords, the latter of which signified certifications, veteran status, and/or involvement in student council.

NAA Tampa Bay was proud to present Darrel Stern, the Head of Talent Acquisition and Campus Programs Manager for Embraer, as a guest speaker for the ceremony. Guests were elated as Mr. Stern encouraged the graduating class to go out into the industry and seize the incredible opportunities that await them.

Accolades, Honors, & a Promising Future for NAA Tampa Bay Graduates

Students received awards including perfect and outstanding attendance awards, Top Team awards, Top Tech awards, and recognition of top GPA students, including a valedictorian! The camaraderie was evident as members of the class collected their awards and diplomas.

Completing NAA’s aviation maintenance programs marks the start of many promising careers for our graduates! The aviation sector is on track for an upswing, and employers are eager to hire dedicated and skillful Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics.

Let’s congratulate the class 0520 from Tampa Bay as they prepare to enter the aviation industry!