As an aviation maintenance school, we believe strongly that students, whether young or old, should have access to a great educational experience. Our neighbor, High Point Elementary, makes this their priority every day. For the third year in a row, NAA proudly partnered with High Point Elementary by donating t-shirts for their fifth grade class! High Point faculty considers it essential that “school staff, families, and community members work collaboratively to ensure the success of ALL students.”* We couldn’t agree more!

We delivered the t-shirts in person to encourage community engagement and support. Student volunteers were excited to say hello and help pass out shirts to their classmates!

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High Point Elementary students made cards to give thanks for the class t-shirt sponsorship

It is High Point Elementary’s mission to “create learners who are prepared to move on to the next level and be lifelong learners and productive citizens within our community.”* Motivating life-long learners is something we will always champion… and gladly so in the case of High Point Elementary’s 5th grade class!

An educational foundation is so important to the lifelong pursuit of learning. Later on, whether these are hands-on and decide to research aviation maintenance schools, are drawn to traditional college, or want the experience of on-the-job education, we wish them happy and prosperous futures!

*Source: High Point Elementary