National Aviation Academy (NAA) recently hosted a ceremony on June 30, 2021, for NAA graduates who completed NAA’s Aviation Maintenance Professional (AMP) and Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) programs. NAA alumni received their diplomas, and many were given special recognition for their accomplishments. 

Accolades & Honors

Multiple alumni won attendance awards, including perfect and outstanding attendance certificates. Graduating students were also awarded Top Team awards, Top Tech awards, and a Valedictorian. A huge congratulations to all those who earned these types of awards! 

We cannot wait to see where their aviation journeys take them.

NAA Alumni Look Onward 

As we congratulate Class 0220 from Tampa Bay for completing their respective programs, we reflect on the heart, dedication, and sacrifices these alumni made during training. There is no doubt that their futures are bright!

Are You Considering A Hands-on Career in Aviation?

The aviation maintenance industry is a limitless career. It doesn’t matter what sector of aviation our NAA alumni enter, aircraft mechanics are a necessary part of keeping the skies safe for both cargo and passengers. If you or someone you know is interested in aviation career opportunities, fill out the form below to get more information!