National Aviation Academy (NAA) is honoring 90 years of exclusive, continuous aviation maintenance education. Countless individuals have become aviation maintenance professionals since NAA was founded in 1932 – later earning airframe and powerplant (A&P) certificates, as is required to work on and repair modern aircraft. But it wasn’t always! NAA’s early years predate even the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)! With an alumni network that spans the nation and globe, NAA has a rich and diverse history that continues to write stories in the skies through every takeoff and landing achieved through the work of our growing graduate community.

Pioneering Aviation Maintenance Education

A pioneer in aviation maintenance education, NAA has been training technicians since the early decades of flight. Charles E. Taylor, the unsung hero of Kitty Hawk, reminds us that for as long as aircraft have taken flight, there has been a need for aviation maintenance technicians. Without the engine he built, the Wright Brothers may have had just another day on December 17, 1903, when the first heavier-than-air flight was achieved.

Less than 30 years after aircraft initially took to the skies, NAA was founded when a need for aviation mechanics emerged and remains today. NAA helps meet that need with aviation maintenance training and industry-direct career placement assistance.

History of NAA 1

The East Coast Aero Tech Hangar (ECAT) in 1957, now National Aviation Academy’s New England Campus.

Legacy, Demand, and You

As we build on our legacy and innovate to meet the demands of today’s workforce, NAA training offers the experience and education required to become a certified aviation maintenance professional. Obtaining your A&P certifications will allow you to embark on an in-demand, rewarding career. Doing so at NAA means you’ll gain access to industry-leading employers that recruit from us directly to meet the demand in aviation maintenance.

NAA offers a comprehensive curriculum composed of coursework and hands-on training. Industry leaders seek out NAA graduates for their skills, reputation, professionalism, and 90-year (and counting) track record of success.

We educate aviation maintenance students in a learning environment conducive to excellence in meeting the needs and challenges of the global aviation marketplace. With campuses in Clearwater, FL, and Concord, MA, various programs, start dates, and class schedules are available to meet your needs and help you enter a meaningful career in aviation!

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