The value of mock interviews in the job search process cannot be overstated because they provide candidates with priceless chances to prepare, practice, and improve their interviewing techniques. Candidates can practice for real interviews in a secure, controlled atmosphere, which helps them gain confidence, identify their strengths and limitations, and get over their nerves. Candidates can also customize their preparation for mock interviews to certain job roles or industries by practicing industry-specific questions and displaying pertinent abilities. Additionally, they aid candidates in acquiring interview manners, professionalism, and effective communication—all of which are essential for establishing a good impression on hiring managers. Candidates get a competitive edge, improve their chances of success, and eventually land the job they want by putting time and effort into mock interviews.

On Thursday, May 11th, the NAA TB Career Services team hosted a mock interview event on campus. A total of 31 students attended that were able to sharpen their interview skills and receive feedback from staff members. They practiced technical questions as well as the “STAR” method for behavioral interviewing. NAA regularly receives feedback from the aviation industry regarding how candidates can improve their chances of being hired which is then utilized during their training program and frequent interactions with Career Services. Our goal is to create excellent technicians but also to give them the tools to eventually become leads, managers, etc. This event was developed in preparation for the NAA TB Career Fair that will be held on May 18th from 10 AM – 3 PM. It is open to all students and alumni who wish to network and interview with our employer partners. We look forward to another successful event in the near future!
-Hilary Vincent