Thursday, June 30, 2022, National Aviation Academy (NAA) hosted a social networking event for the Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce (CPCC). Members from local Pinellas County businesses and organizations meet regularly to discuss current local and nationwide events, bridge potential connections, and develop opportunities together. 

For NAA, hosting social events helps build awareness of who we are and the demands of the aviation maintenance industry. Guests learned about the need for aviation maintenance techniciansthe importance of part-147 training institutions, and significant changes in FAA regulations that are anticipated to evolve aviation maintenance education. 

Guests also received a demonstration from one of our student learning boards, built by NAA Instructors, regarding Aircraft Instrument Operations. 

Douglas Martin, NAA Airframe Term 3 Instructor, demonstrated the Gyroscopic Driven Instruments that give pilots their Attitude related to where they are in the sky (up and down), as well as Direction Gyro, which provides pilots with their directional heading (cardinal directions). This learning board aims to help mechanics in training learn to test for airworthiness during periodic inspections, which pilots rely on for general safety. 

There are many opportunities to connect with NAA, learn more about training, and incredible career opportunities, including Saturday Open Houses, Sun n’ Fun, Our Annual Food Truck Festival, and other community events. 

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