National Aviation Academy (NAA) is proud to present the latest class of graduates from our New England campus!

In Stow, MA, a graduation ceremony was held at the NAA Hangar on June 9, 2022, for graduates who completed the our Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) programs. The new NAA alumni received their diplomas as well as cords and awards recognizing their academic accomplishments and student life involvement.

Awards, Accolades, & Honors

Many graduates earned attendance awards, including perfect and outstanding attendance certificates. Graduating students were also awarded Top Team awards, Top Tech awards, and top students were recognized, including a valedictorian! Below are the recipients of each award:

– Valedictorian Candidates (recipient in bold)Robert B., Nylashia C., Ian D.Lucas P.

– Top Team: Nylashia C., Ian D., Jonathan F., Lucas P., Julian S.

– Top AMT Tech: Edmanuel L.

Nylashia C. was also awarded the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Award. FAA employees perform their duties with honesty, moral soundness, and with the highest level of ethics.

The student recipient of this FAA award embodies all of these values.

NAA Alumni Prepare for Takeoff

With the aviation industry in recovery, employers are looking for skilled and enthusiastic Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanics to keep our skies safe.

We congratulate the new alumni as they start their new adventure in the aviation industry!