Well… is it?

There is so much more to the aviation industry than piloting or being a flight attendant. Some of the most vital and exciting aviation personnel are those that maintain, repair, and inspect aircraft. The work that aviation maintenance technicians do is essential. Travel would grind to a halt without them. Our world of 2 and next-day delivery would no longer be a possibility. Yet, is being an aircraft mechanic the right career choice for you?

Good career choices are subjective. What may be considered suitable for one person may not be the same for another. However, those willing to put in the time and effort to train and earn certifications to become an aircraft mechanic should expect a particular outcome for their career in the field.

Before jumping into an FAA-approved training school to earn the Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) licenses required to begin work as an aircraft mechanic, you must ask yourself: do I want to be an aircraft mechanic?

With any career, it is beneficial to look toward the future. Here are a few questions to think about when doing your research:

• Will the position allow you to sustain yourself and your family monetarily?
• Are there opportunities for growth?
• Is there a demand for the role and a likelihood of job security?

Annual Wage for A&P Aircraft Mechanics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for A&P aircraft mechanics and service technicians was $62,920 as of May 2018. Training for a career in aviation maintenance could be a fantastic way to increase from what you currently might be making. It could also allow you to perform skilled work and take pride in your career.

Growth in the Aircraft Mechanic Industry

The multi-trillion-dollar aviation industry has been profitable for decades. With fleets expanding and airports adding hangars, companies require quality aircraft mechanics in growing numbers. Aviation also offers the continued opportunity to learn and grow. As technology and the industry evolves, technicians prosper within it.

According to the 2019 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook, a trusted industry forecast for personnel demand, advances in new airplane technology will require aircraft mechanics with skills in areas such as avionics. Over the next twenty years, 769,000 new technicians will be needed globally according to the forecast. Will one of them be you?

Opportunities in the field continue to grow, and those opportunities may require new skills as aircraft become more advanced. With more and more veteran aircraft mechanics retiring, qualified replacements are more necessary than ever.

Making the Best Career Choice

Don’t just take our word for it. Countless testimonials highlight National Aviation Academy’s alumni who are now in a career that they love. Questioning whether or not becoming an A&P Mechanic is a good career choice is up to you. In our experience, the best career choice you can make is one that will benefit you and your family by offering demand, growth, and a living wage.

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