Do you have a test coming up? Are you struggling in particular subject areas? Is there a hint of doubt that you’ll pass the FAA-mandated exams? National Aviation Academy offers several tutoring and study options to ensure your test-taking success!

  • Schedule time with an Instructor
  • Attend a review session
  • Join one of our student clubs or groups


First, Reach Out to Your Instructors 

Speak with your primary instructor If you need help on the material you are currently working on. You are also encouraged to reach out to other instructors if you need assistance with a subject area from a different term.  You typically have to schedule a time before or after class, so it is best to plan a time as soon as you realize you need help!


Attend a Review Session

Attend a hands-on practice and review session! General Reviews take place at the Tampa Bay campus Term 2 Lab every Monday 3-4 PM and covers students’ most requested topics like:

  • Corrosion Control
  • Fluid Lines & Fittings
  • Physics
  • Materials & Processes
  • Drawings
  • Electrical
  • Weight & Balance
  • And more!

If you need help with reciprocating engines and systems, Powerplant Reviews are held in the Term 2 Lab every Thursday 3-4 PM.


Join a Study Group

Our Student Council members and Alpha Eta Rho chapters will sometimes lead study sessions for upcoming tests and are a great way to build up your support network. Our New England campus also has the Wing Assisted Study Program, which is also peer-led tutoring and study sessions for students! Check with our Student Services Department to see which groups are getting together and when!


Our Testing Benefits and Student Savings

While we’re on the topic of tutoring and testing, you should understand the value of the benefits you receive as an NAA student. To become a certified aircraft mechanic, you must pass all 9 FAA-mandated exams within 24 months of completing the program. To complete these exams within a 2-year window can be extremely challenging unless you have the right support and resources to lean on.

A key feature that distinguishes National Aviation Academy (NAA) from other part-147 schools is our test-as-you-go learning format. As students progress through the coursework and projects, this testing benefit allows students to focus, absorb, and retain information from general, airframe, and powerplant subject areas. Testing along the way also gives you a “glimpse” into the federal test material and clarifies the FAA’s expectations – mandated written exams, orals and practicals.

Additionally, NAA will cover the cost of your first attempt at federal exams up to 12 months from the date you graduate! Any additional cost of retakes is the student’s responsibility. To ensure this benefit and savings, students must pass the school course evaluation exam before they attempt the FAA-mandated tests.


Don’t Wait to Ask for Help!

Whether you missed time on a subject, need extra help understanding the material, or you’re preparing for an upcoming test, NAA provides several support lines to ensure your training success. Start by reaching out to your instructor or student services and get the assistance you need ASAP!

If you want more information about our training programs and student services, request more information below!