Throughout the school year, National Aviation Academy (NAA) regularly offers students numerous career services opportunities to directly network with industry professionals and find employment.

NAA held our most recent career fair in Tampa Bay on February 8th, 2022. Students and alumni networked with the 36 companies in attendance, which included esteemed industry leaders such as Embraer, Boeing, Delta, and American Airlines!

Aviation Needs Technicians!

According to Boeing 610,000 aviation technicians are needed worldwide. The demand for aviation maintenance work was apparent as companies were eager to interview and hire new talent. As the industry accelerates recovery from the pandemic, demand for skilled technicians rises!

Interviews and Networking

The career fair was an incredible networking opportunity for many students! With 36 company representatives in attendance, students were able to hone their interviewing skills and expand their professional networks. Employers conducted at least 84 interviews during the event, with several more planned afterward. Over 44 job offers were presented to students as well! Several employers are even planning return trips to National Aviation Academy.

At every point of training, students should be prepared to navigate professional networking settings like our career fairs. Check out our guide with helpful career tips for aviation mechanics in training!

Connect With NAA Career Services

NAA’s Career Services department helps students, recent graduates, and alumni find employment in aviation. Career counseling, resume development, and interviewing tips/techniques are provided to all students!

NAA holds Career Fairs in Tampa Bay and New England throughout the year. Recruiters from commercial airlines, general aviation companies, military/defense contractors, space innovators, manufacturers, MROs (maintenance, repair, and overhaul providers), and parallel industries come directly to students!

This skilled department builds and maintains relationships with industry leaders that directly recruit from NAA! Graduates are eligible for career placement assistance to facilitate current and future job offers or opportunities. NAA eagerly works with graduating students as they transition into the field.

If you are an NAA alum, you are eligible to join our Alumni Relations Facebook Group for the latest updates on available openings.

Is Aviation Maintenance Career Training Right for You?

Interested in entering the aviation maintenance field? Take the “National Aviation Academy Career Training Readiness” Quiz! This fun online quiz takes 3 minutes to complete, and you will get a personalized report that will identify your strengths, social style, and the training and positions best suited for you!