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National Aviation Academy welcomes the community to its second annual Aviation Maintenance Competition Open House on Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 150 Hanscom Drive.

Events throughout the day will include the Aviation Maintenance Competition, a cook out, raffles and a special appearance by Country 102.5’s street team.

In the Aviation Maintenance Competition, students are broken up into teams and are required to complete various maintenance challenges, such as safety wiring, fluid line repair and composite repair. Scores are based on accuracy and how fast each event is completed.

“This is NAA’s opportunity to showcase the school’s exceptional and talented students as they prepare for the 2016 Aerospace Maintenance Competition in Dallas, Texas April 5th – 7th,” said George W. Nelson Jr., President of National Aviation Academy. “The competition is steep and exciting as our teams go up against other schools and companies in the aviation industry.”

Those interested in pursuing a career in aviation maintenance are invited to attend an information session at 11 a.m. and take a tour of the campus. Admissions representatives will be available after the session to answer questions and help potential students fill out their applications to NAA.

Hamburgers, hot dogs and refreshments will be provided for lunch and guests will have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets throughout the day for various items including gift cards and tickets to events around Massachusetts. Donations are accepted. All proceeds from this event will go toward funding the students’ trip to Dallas for the Aerospace Maintenance Competition.