Graduates Ready to Enter the Aviation Industry

National Aviation Academy (NAA) cannot be prouder of the latest graduating class from the Tampa Bay campus, who are eager and ready to move into the aviation industry. To celebrate the latest graduating class accomplishments, NAA-Tampa Bay hosted an in-person socially-distanced ceremony on February 9, 2021!  NAA is grateful to provide the opportunity for students to accept the diplomas they’ve earned through a special ceremony, which was live-streamed to family and friends on Instagram!

Students who completed NAA’s Aviation Maintenance Professional (AMP) and Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) programs received their diplomas in-person while maintaining social distancing standards and protecting themselves and each other with facemasks! The entire ceremony was filmed to allow family and friends to share in this special moment!

Accolades & Honors

Multiple students won attendance awards, including some perfect attendance certificates! Graduates were also awarded Top Team awards, Top Tech awards, and a Valedictorian! In a truly heartwarming event, graduates cheered one another on as each diploma was given out. The camaraderie was evident between peers in the class, leaving an impression of lasting friendships for years to come!

View the ceremony here:

The Future of Aviation Maintenance

Graduation is a special time for both students and staff members. Please congratulate Class 1019 from Tampa Bay for completing their respective programs! Knowing the heart, dedication, and sacrifices these alumni have made during training, there is no doubt that their futures are bright!