Student Assistance Programs

NAA’s Student Assistance Programs is a valuable confidential resource for the school to assist students who may have issues that could affect their school, work or home lives.

BayCare’s Assistance Program

BayCare’s Assistance Program provides early intervention and professional assessment to best meet the needs of the student.

BayCare Life Management’s programs are tailored to meet the specific and unique needs of the NAA students. It is the goal of BayCare’s Assistance Program to keep students in school and help them to cope with emotional problems and other stressors which are sometimes manifested by the use of drugs and alcohol or other negative behaviors. BayCare’s Assistance Program staff helps students meet work/life challenges and achieve a positive academic experience.

After an initial assessment by a licensed therapist, the BayCare Assistance Program professional can refer the participant on for additional services if necessary. Counseling and other related services are strictly confidential.

The student can call a therapist at our toll-free 24-hours a day, seven days a week, confidential helpline at:


Description of Services

Components of the Student Assistance Programs, will address a broad spectrum of behavioral health needs, including mental health and substance abuse issues, to include:

  • Problem Identification/Assessment and Referral. Based on telephone communication and/or a face-to-face meeting, the student’s presenting problem(s) is identified, the individual is assessed and an appropriate plan of action is developed.
  • Crisis Intervention. This service offers post-crisis assessment and intervention services to students that have experienced crisis situations.
  • Short-term Problem Resolution. This type of counseling is offered when resolution of the presenting problem can be resolved within the initial counseling sessions.
  • Monitoring and Follow-Up Services. Appropriate monitoring of student’s progress and satisfaction.
  • Consultation with Appropriate Leadership. Providing individual consultation to campus leadership, regarding screening and the appropriate referral os students to the SAP.

Current Students

Current students may access the BayCare portal using the access given during the presentation by clicking here:

Students with Disabilities


The persons responsible for coordinating Disability Support Services is the Office of Compliance. All requests for reasonable accommodation must first be submitted to the Director of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs: (727) 531-2080