Students interested in attending the New England campus can consult with an apartment specialist.

If you are interested in dormitory-style housing please click here for more information. 

Interested in attending the New England campus? Student Services offers off-campus housing assistance to meet individual needs:

1. Assist in locating affordable apartment listings in the area
2. Facilitate roommate matching with other enrolled NAA students
3. Assist in locating affordable “rooms for rent” in the area

NAA also recommends students to explore the possibility of finding a roommate to help reduce costs. Several students from each class relocate all over the country and globe. Having roommates are great ways to make study partners and lifelong friends. There are several apartment complexes within a few miles of the campus, which make for an easy commute. “Rooms for rent” are great for those who do not want to sign a long-term lease and usually do not require background/credit checks or large move-in costs.

Below are average costs for a typical student while attending NAA New England:

Monthly Budget (Studio/1 Bedroom Apartment without a roommate)

Rent: $900-1200
Utilities: $100-250
Approximate Total: $1,000-$1,450/month
Monthly Budget (Apartment with a roommate)
Rent: $500-800
Utilities: $100-150

Approximate Total: $600-$950/month

Please keep in mind that a student will need extra money for deposits and application fees for housing and utilities. Most apartment communities require background and credit checks.

Monthly Budget (room for rent)

Rent $400-$650 (some rooms may include utilities)
*Most “rooms for rent” do not require large deposits and leases

*Other expenses: food, gas, cell phone, car insurance and healthcare, among others.