Safety Wiring: Are You An Expert?

Safety wire is a type of positive locking device that prevents fasteners from loosening or falling out due to vibration and other forces. It is heavily used in aviation and aircraft maintenance.

On December 10, 2019, students’ skills were put to the test with a safety wire challenge. Ten students who already passed their FAA General exam participated.

First, they competed in a qualifying round to see who would move on to the final challenge.  Jacqueline P. and Assad B. advanced to the head-to-head finale. Rob Ryerson judged the round and it was called a tie. Assad received a NAA portfolio and Jacqueline got a NAA towel.

NAA-Tampa Bay students  practice safety wiring

NAA-Tampa Bay students practicing safety wiring

Friendly Competition

Friendly competition is a way to motivate students to do their best. The rapid nature of the competition was also excellent practice for future practical examination. Students and team members enjoyed seeing the developing talent emerge during the competition.