National Aviation Academy’s (NAA’s) Aviation Maintenance Technology course is a FAA approved Part 147 core curriculum for students who desire the knowledge and skills necessary to become an Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) mechanic. Students who complete the 14 month, 2,000 clock hour Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program are then eligible for FAA maintenance testing. Those achieving A&P certifications work in fields such as; commercial, corporate and or general aviation. Additional opportunities include: helicopters, air ships, manufacturing, unmanned aerial vehicle’s, space and parallel industries. Students of the AMT program are taught 45 FAA mandated subjects that are divided into 3 sections; General, Airframe, and Powerplant.

The Aviation Maintenance Technology Program is an attractive option for many due to the length of the course. The typical aviation maintenance program offered at other institutions ranges in the area of 17-24 months in length. National Aviation Academy’s AMT program is comprehensive and fast paced to help students move into their careers quickly. Not only does NAA’s program help candidates into career positions efficiently, it also carefully prepares students for FAA examinations.

National Aviation Academy uniquely, through FAA approval (14 CFR 65.77), allows qualified students eligibility for early oral and practical testing. This feature allows qualified students the privilege of earning required certifications and working in a career field immediately upon completion of training. No longer do students need to wait until after graduation to take their A&P examinations and begin the interview process for employment. This means working in the field of aviation sooner than later, maximizing earning potential.


Employment opportunities for aviation maintenance professionals has never been greater. According to the Boeing Company’s 2018 Pilot and Technician Outlook, 754,000 new technicians will be needed by 2037.


$61,020 The median salary of an aviation technician. (From BLS)
754,000 The number of aviation mechanics that will need to be hired over the next 20 years. (Boeing)

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