Virtual Tour Draft

by Jun 23, 2020

NAA Tampa Bay


National Aviation Academy (NAA) is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Approved Part 147 School, meaning we specialize in aviation maintenance training. Training is rigorous and the success of our students is important to us. Here you’ll find an environment that fosters growth for successful outcomes! Student amenities include a break lounge, partial kitchen, make-up lab, tutoring room, and testing center. 



Our Airframe is 0000 square feet and equipped with (list of tools, equipment, features).

Airframe training includes the materials / composites the aircraft body is made of, the causes of damage, and how to maintain structures and repair damage caused by the elements. Students must demonstrate their understanding of the different types of repairs and applying techniques to various composites through hands-on projects.

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Powerplant training pertains to the aircraft engine, which is made of many components, such as cylinders, pistons, fans, and produces the energy needed to propel an aircraft. Students are assembling/disassembling engine stands, working in teams and independently.


Avionics Circuit Board


Avionics are the technologies fitted in an aircraft for communications, navigation, collision avoidance, and weather. Students gain an understanding of these systems by building them and using training equipment like flight simulators.

Considering the needs of our student body and the industry, we decided to act – making positive changes that will last long into the future.


The Hanger is where it all comes together – students are applying Airframe, Powerplant, and Avionics training to partially / fully assembled aircraft. Our training equipment includes…..