Avionics and Beyond

On Monday, February 15, 2021, a group of National Aviation Academy (NAA) New England students voluntarily visited NexAir Avionics in Plymouth, MA, on their day off school.

Learning The Ropes

NexAir is a custom avionics and maintenance facility on the Plymouth Municipal Airport (PYM). The company sells aircraft and updates avionics panels and equipment within privately owned aircraft. CFO Kris Behn introduced the group to NexAir’s 10-Week Apprenticeship program that offers avionics training to new-hire A&Ps. The information was interesting and helpful for students to understand the types of on-the-job training programs employers will offer post-graduation.

A Future in Avionics

Brian Wolfe, Avionics Sales Manager, gave the students a tour of NexAir’s immaculate hangars, and further descriptions were offered as to the services and upgrades the company provides their clients. The NAA students also reconnected with two NAA graduates who work in the hangar areas—it was nice to see familiar faces! NexAir is currently hiring Maintenance Technicians and Avionics Technicians. NAA graduates are encouraged to apply! The students and staff on the field trip would like to thank Kris, Brian, and their team for hosting the group—a fantastic time was had by all!