New England Graduating Class Ready for the Future

We are thrilled to have hosted the newest graduating class for their socially-distant ceremony! With their eyes toward the future, these National Aviation Academy (NAA) graduates worked tirelessly to earn certificates and their diplomas. To celebrate the success of the graduating class, NAA-New England hosted an in-person graduation ceremony at our hangar at Minute Man Air Field in Stow, Massachusetts. on October 23, 2020! 

Students who completed NAA’s Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program received their diplomas in-person while maintaining social distancing standards and protecting themselves and each other with facemasks! The entire ceremony was filmed to allow family and friends to revel in their loved one’s accomplishments! 

Accolades & Honors

Multiple students won attendance awards that showcased their efforts in being in class each and every day! Graduates were also awarded Top Team awards, Top Tech awards, and the class Valedictorian was also revealed! Given the circumstances in today’s world, we are truly honored to have been a small part of the aviation journey that these graduates are embarking on!

View the full ceremony here:

New Englands’s Recent Graduating Class Reaches for the Stars

Graduation is a special time for both students and staff members. Please congratulate New England’s Class 0519 on their successes and for pursuing their goals! We cannot wait to see what this graduating class does in their careers as aviation maintenance technicians!


Aviation Maintenance Technicians Needed Worldwide According to Boeing


By 2031, 2 Out Of Every 5 (40%) Current Mechanics (90,000 in total) Will Reach Retirement Age According to ATEC

Average Daily Worldwide Flights in 2019 According to Flight Radar 24


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