New England Students Gain Aviation History Lessons

On Monday, February 15, 2021, New England NAA students had the pleasure of exploring the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT, at the Bradley International Airport. Some students drove over two hours to take advantage of this opportunity on one of their no-class days and were glad they did! 

The New England Air Museum

The museum tour offered glimpses into aviation’s past through its military and civilian aircraft collection and exhibits with historical timelines, narratives, and physical artifacts as part of an amazing aviation collection. The museum, which has been in its current location since 1981, houses over 80 aircraft, including a Boeing B-29A Superfortress, a Goodyear ZNPK-28 Blimp Control Car, a Douglas DC-3, a Sikorsky CH-54B (S-64) Tarhe Skycrane, and a Sikorsky VS-44A Excambian. Additionally, the Museum is the largest aviation museum in New England! 

A Tour Through Aviation History

The students took advantage of the self-guided tour through the rich aircraft history. Also, Museum member John Wood takes panoramic images at the Museum that allow you to take a “virtual” 360 tour of significant aircraft, exhibits, aircraft cockpits and interiors, and restoration projects. Students enjoyed the interactive displays including a virtual simulation of piloting Cessnas!

Lessons from the Past

New England Air Museum is committed to preserving the stories of aircraft, those who made aviation possible, and the lasting impression on generations to come! Stay tuned for more field trips to the Museum!